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Angie Perez B.

Welcome friend.

I am an entrepreneur and coach for small businesses, with more than 15 years in the Marketing and Client Acquisition Industry.

I want to empower everyone sharing my experience and knowledge to help you with that leverage you need to get a few steps closer to become successful in what you do.

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Hit the button or reach me on Twitter at @Angie9z for a quick response. (Instagram @AngiePerez.B )

“Angie would be my first go to expert for marketing advice as she brings a very well informed, insightful and human perspective to what’s needed there and elsewhere.”

Andy Abramson

CEO, Comunicano Inc.

“She is a goal-oriented person, diligent and responsible. She makes suggestions and takes actions that successfully build customer value.”

Raquel P. Arevalo

Business Operations Exec.