7 Reasons Why you Need a Content Calendar for your Blog

Managing a Blog is not an easy task especially if you want to ​publish quality content and keep your readers happy and engaged.
One of the secrets to successful blogging is consistency,​ and in order to achieve that success, one of the premises must be having a Content Calendar for your blog.​

​So then, what are those benefits from having your blog posts scheduled? Here they are:

Benefits of a Content Calendar

Avoid stressful situations

If you plan or schedule your next publications, you will know exactly where you are ahead of time, so that you can organise your time to meet your deadlines for the publication, Also you will have in mind all the research, writing, corrections and content curation, without rushing away and improvising.

Smart use of your time and better productivity

It is obvious that organising any sort of work in a plan is the first rule of productivity. Creating your calendar where you can schedule all the tasks related to the publication, not only will give you a more productive distribution of your time, but also will allow you more free time for yourself.

Consistency on the content of your publications

If you have your global vision of your blog content for the next say 3 months, you will be able to rearrange the different posts to follow an appropriate and logical order. Also you will be able to feedback from one post to another, make announcements of future publications and so on.
Another relevant point with regards to the consistency of your publications, is that you will be more coherent with your blog goals when you select every piece of content accordingly.

Consistency on the frequency of your publications

Once you start your calendar, you will figure out more easily how to distribute the pieces of content along the timeframe you have established. This will help you optimise your ideas, your resources and of course your time.

Won’t miss significant dates, occasions or seasonal events

It is obvious that if you are checking your calendar to organice your post schedule you might want to use the especial events to your advantage and maybe create a themed posts or explain something related to your niche and to the events, date or occasions you have in mind.

You will be more committed to your blog

If you have a plan for your activities (including you blog publications) you will be more likely to stick to it or at least having in mind that you have something to do. This will create in your mind the feeling of tasks you must do and will create a stronger tie with the work and time you must put in to be a successful (and even) professional blogger.

Improve the quality of your blog

Since you will gain consistency on your publications and on your content, you will optimise your time and resources, and you will have the chance to research, etc. Your blog therefore will improve its quality enormously.

Powerful Reasons Why you need a Content Calendar for your blog
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In summary, when you decide that one of the core strategies for your blog is to planing ahead for your publications, you will gain a lot more of control over your work.
What about you? Ready to plan your content strategy for the next few weeks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!

Angie xx

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