Instagram reveals how the Algorithm works

Instagram Reveals How The Algorithm Works

For those of you who (still) don’t know what “algorithm” means in terms of Instagram, let me quickly explain to you:  The algorithm is the application that calculates the sum of different factors (actions and reactions) on your Instagram, and the result of that calculation will cause your account and your posts to be penalised or favoured accordingly. To be favoured means that your content will rank higher on any feed (your friends feeds, hashtags feeds, etc.) Last week in their San Francisco headquarters, Instagram’s product executives revealed to a group of reporters about how their famous algorithm works. Techcrunch has reported in a recent article all that what said there, and these are their juicy revelations: 

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Core Factors (a.k.a. why we see what we see)

The algorithm is a machine (software, application, bot, call it what you want), and it learns from the user’s behaviour to decide what posts to show you over others. The posts and content each of us sees on our feeds, are based on a mix of these factors: Interest: IG will show you the posts they think you must be most interested in, based on your past behaviour (what you like, or search, or interact, or comments, etc.)Recency: IG prfioritize recent posts over old onesRelationships: IG will bring you first that content from people or account you had a bigger interaction with.
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Ranking Factors (a.k.a. what makes a posts to be prioritized)

Another group of factors are the ones that make content to show higher in feeds: Frequency: how often you open instagram. they will try to bring the best posts for you since your last visit.  Following: the more people you follow, the wider the  range of followers for Instagram to pick content from will be.Usage: how much time you spend on Instagram when you open your app: only a few seconds, or do you spend longer times there digging deeper into the app?

Instagram Myths Busted!

  • Instagram is not going back to reverse-chronological order.
  • Instagram does not hide posts.
  • Instagram does not favour video over photo.
  • Instagram does not favour posts because of the frequent usage of many other IG features like Stories, Live, etc.
  • Instagram does not favour business accounts over personal accounts.
  • Shadowban does not really exist (you simply are not ranked higher).

What are you thoughts on this? Comment below what you think, I will try to cover your thoughts and questions as soon as I can.

Angie xx

Instagram reveals Instagram Algorithm and how it works
Instagram Reveals How the algorithm works (1)
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