IGTV for Business

Instagram IGTV for business

How can IGTV help your business? There are a few ways you can take advantage of this Instagram’s new feature.

What is IGTV

IGTV is a new vertical video platform created by Instagram. It can be a stand-alone app and also it is included within Instagram’s platform (in the explorer tab).
Anyone entering the IGTV gets an channel automatically, and from that moment on, they can upload vertical videos from their phone, becoming a creator. The length of the video must be of at least 15 seconds to a maximum of one hour.

How does Instagram IGTV Work

According to Instagram, this is a new concept among the other different features Instagram has been offering like stories, live broadcasts, post and now IGTV.

Some people say that IGTV is competing with YouTube, but I don’t think this is the case. Mainly because YouTube is by far a more complete video platform than IGTV (of course).

IGTV is great for creating quick videos talking about something, showing or explaining something or even more creative or elaborated kind of videos. but in any case, it will never be in the same level as YouTube is.

Let’s just say simply, both are different things.

But we are not talking about YouTube here, we are talking about how IGTV can help your business, so these are the more important points that IGTV has to offer so that you can take advantage of them for your business your products your blog or whatever you would like to promote.

IGTV For Business

Video is one of the most preferred types of content

Trends show that people increasingly watch more videos on their devices then TV. And among that people, they prefer amateur content over professionals.

Well, you might not be very good at videos or you may consider your creations are not very professional. Well, you shouldn’t be very worried about that. Of course always within a minimum  decent quality, but with any mid-range phone today you can get pretty good quality images and video. Also there are lots of “beautify”effects filters, edition tools and other tools and apps that can help you to easily create and edit nice videos and also will make you look good on the camera.

Mobile phones are an appendix in people’s bodies

Another important point IGTV is giving to you and to your brand is that one that is called principle of Mobile First.

The fact that IGTV is about vertical video, it’s intended to be on the phone, and the fact that nowadays people have their phone with them at all times and check them lots of times during the day, creates an unique equation for you using IGTV for your band: if you have a channel on IGTV, you are givings your product the chance to be discovered by your target audience (a.k.a. potential customers).

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Instagram have more than 1 billion active users

Pretty self explanatory. Basically means that your potential customer are most likely on Instagram. Using features increase the chances to be found by them.

Better platform to storytelling your message, ideas or product

With up to one hour length, you you have a better way to showcase your products or business, or simply more time to better connect with your audience.

It is important that you bear in mind that if you are going to be one hour there, it has to be entertaining. Otherwise people is going to go away because, seriously, who spend one hour watching anything on their phones if its not so amusing?


In summary the key idea of Instagram creating IGTV is a new way of spreading your message  and to make it easier to be discovered by your people.

The fact that IGTV is inside Instagram, gives you the possibility to be in front of 1 billion of active users so you can be discovered by your potential customers more easily.

So now tell me: Have you already checked out IGTV? Do you like it?

If you have an IGTV channel, share it below in the comments! Also,  join the Facebook Group “The Smart Social Income” to grow engagement on your social media channels!

Have a fab day!

Angie xx

IGTV For Business IGTV Instagram for business

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