Influencer Marketing Explained

Influencer Marketing Explained

We all have heard the term “Influencer”.

We know The Kardashians, Cristiano Ronaldo or Justin Bieber are influencers.

You probably also know that influencers move staggering amounts of money on Instagram: Justin Bieber charges $630K per post, Ronaldo $750K per post and Kylie Jenner charges $1 million per post! …. (Insane!!!).

But what is Influencer Marketing exactly?

Is it good for you or for your business?

What is micro-influencer marketing and why is everybody talking about it?  

But most importantly, are you an influencer and maybe you don’t know it yet?

Keep reading!

Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing.

Click on any of the sections below be taken directly to that topic.

  1. What Is Influencer Marketing.
  2. Benefits of Influencer Marketing.
  3. Key Elements Of A Winning Influencer Campaign.
  4. Traits a Quality Influencer Must Have.
  5. Why Micro-Influencers yield better results.
  6. Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
  7. Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign: Easy and Free.

What Is Influencer Marketing

Definition of Influencer Marketing: Marketing strategies based on the influence power of social media users over their communities, oriented to maximize the results of any campaign.

Those campaigns can be things such as: increasing brand awareness, selling more products, generating more conversions, developing customer loyalty, gaining a bigger market share or any other goal the business is trying to achieve.

The social media users that have built trust over their loyal communities are called Influencers. Their content has a huge positive impact over their audience. 

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing For Businesses

Brands leverage in the following benefits that successful influencer marketing campaigns has to offer:

  • Lots of new user-produced content about these brands.
  • Bigger exposure and huge amplification of the message of the brand.
  • Lower costs per like, per comment or engagement in general, compared to traditional advertising campaigns.

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2 top influencers in the World today: Kylie Jenner ( earns up to $1 million per post) and Cristiano Ronaldo (up to $ 750K per post).

3 Key Elements of a Winning Influencer Campaign

Campaign Hashtag

Campaigns can be identified by campaign hashtags. A campaign hashtag is a tool used to create an unified voice and image for the brand. Also the hashtag represents another way for influencer and brand content to be discovered and engaged with.

Organic Content

Most of the content posted in an Influencer Campaign must be created organically. Brands should keep in mind how valuable organic content is and aim to create a campaign that influencers and other Instagram users want to talk about.


Earned Media Value is one of the most valuable Influencer Marketing metrics as it describes the monetary value of media attention a brand gets on social media, both organically and purchased.

Earned Media Value is the equivalent cost of advertising that would garner the same amount of exposure as the postings mentioning a brand or campaign, based on followers and a $5 CPM (Cost-Per-Mille).

Influencer Marketing for Businesses and Brands

Traits to spot a quality Influencer.

It is important to look for these features before hiring an influencer.

Today, the influencer marketing business generates large amounts of money and tons of fake influencers arise claiming they have lots and lots of followers.

But if you are a brand this is the first rule you must know about influencer marketing: the number or amount of followers is NOT the trait you must look after in a good influencer.

In fact (and we will see this point later in this article) micro-influencers are the highest trend because they provide better results for brands!

The most important traits to look for in an influencer for your brand are:

  • High level of engagement of the community with the content of the influencer.
  • The community of the influencer must be relevant to your niche.
  • The influencer must be somewhat aligned with your brand’s philosophy, values, etc.

Where To Easily Find Quality Influencers?

My recommendation is this platform: ShoutKart

I would recommend starting with a small campaign of shout-outs, or sharing your links. 

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Why micro-influencers yields better results for brands?

Today micro-influencer marketing is gaining importance and growing more than ever. Having a huge following does not mean that they have influence, especially if they are not a real celebrity. (We all know followers can be easily bought).

You can easily spot that, when you see accounts with 54K followers (for example) and maybe only 60 likes and 5 comments on their posts….

So as I said before, the number is not what matters on social media! The best currency for marketing on social media is the level of loyalty, trust and interactions (engagement) of the users with your content (or with an influencer content).
But it must me genuine and meaningful engagement!

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Recently InfluencerDB has published one of the industry reference reports about Influencer Marketing, and their conclusions are clear: the top companies in the world that achieved the best performing influencer Marketing campaigns in 2018 to date, have achieved those amazing results with influencer campaigns performed by accounts with 15K-50K followers.
Those accounts represent more than the 50 percent of their influencers accounts.

And we are talking about giants like Zara, H&M, or FashionNova!

Top 5 Performing Brands Influencer Marketing 2018

There you have another example of how micro-influencer (small following accounts) is the preferred type of accounts by big companies for their campaigns on Instagram.

Benefits of Micro-Influencers:

  • Working with micro-influencers is more cost-effective for the brand.
  • Smaller influencers add authenticity and proximity between the influencers and their audiences.
  • Micro-influencers generate a closer connection between the brand and potential customers.

Zara is in the 3rd best performing company in influencer marketing in the reference Influencer marketing Report 2018 publish by InfluencerDB.

Zara is known for allocating only a minuscule part of their budget to advertising. Paid collaborations was only 1% of their budget, while unpaid mentions created most of the buzz for Zara.

Zara also know how to take advantage of using unconventional stereotypes to create familiarity and reach more segments of potential customers: one of their most successful campaigns this year has been its “Timeless” campaign, featuring only veteran models.

Timeless | a conversation with Kristina de Coninck. Check more at

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Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The top Influencer marketing campaign in 2018 to date has been Marvel’s campaign hashtag #infinitywar for the new Avengers release, taking only 11 days to reach the billion dollar level in ticket sales.

The hashtag #infinitywar was mainly powered by organically-created content (only 1% of the content was paid for!).
A lot of the shared content related to the movie’s release, funny or inspiring quotes from the film, memes, etc. was user-generated content.

Top 5 Performing Campaigns Influencer Marketing 2018

If you want to know all the details of this complete and full of valuable information Influencer Marketing Report, by you can get access to it HERE

Easy and Free Influencer Marketing for Local Businesses and Bloggers

In this episode of “Social Media Money Up – Podcast“, you will learn Angie’s formula called Local Off On, that is going to be the easiest and totally free way to implement a influencer marketing campaign. Even if this is your first time with Influencer marketing.

Learn how you can draw people into your store, local business or blog. And to do so we simply are going to put in Influencer Marketing.

Angie will break down what it is and how you can create your own influencer marketing campaign for your local business (or blog) without spending a dime and getting the best results.

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This article is based on the Industry Report: “The Best Performing Brands and Campaigns on Instagram in 2018” published by InfluencerDB

Highest Paid Celebs on Instagram: Click Here.

What are your thoughts about Influencer Marketing?


Angie xx

Influencer Marketing Explained

By Angie Perez B

Angie is the founder of AngiePerezB a blog about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She talks about the best strategies for business and bloggers and brings the latest trends in Social Media and how to make money online. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Author & Coach for small businesses, with more than 15 years in the Marketing and Client Acquisition Industry.


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