Instagram Shopping Tags: Make your Instagram Stories Shoppable!

Make your Instagram Stories Shoppable with shopping tags

Instagram has just released a new exciting feature: Shopping Tags on Instagram Stories.
In the same way as shoppable posts, now shopping tags are also available on stories creating the new amazing option to sell your products directly from your stories. (Take a look at my blog post “How to Make Shoppable Posts on Instagram“)

Basically, users see a sticker with a shopping bag icon, and they simply have to tap on it to see more details about that product.

For obvious reasons, this new feature is amazing for business owners specially for those who sell products.

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Benefits of Shopping Instagram Stories

The huge advantage that using shopping tags on Instagram stories have to offer to business are:

  • Stories are extremely popular in same case even more that feeds). 300M people use Instagram Stories everyday.
  • New dimension to showcase your products.
  • People constantly look for latest trends on Instagram.
  • A new shopping experience.
  • Geo-tagging is another powerful feature of Instagram Stories, that combined with the shopping-tag will be specially useful for local business.

Shopping Instagram Stories How to make Shopping tags

Users see a sticker with a shopping bag icon, and they simply have to tap on it to see more details about that product.

Once they tap to see more details they have the final option to go to the website to shop the item.

How to start using shopping tags on Instagram Stories

To get this new feature, you must have be approved by Instagram. If you are already using shopping tags on your posts, your account is already under revision to be approved.

Instagram will be opening shopping tags on stories to everyone already using shopping tags on post.

To know how you can also have shopping tags for your posts, please read my blog post “Instagram Shopping: How to Make Shopping Posts“.

Once you have Shopping Posts you will be eligible to get Shopping Stories.

Soon Instagram will be making its Shopping Tags for Stories available to all brands which have enabled shopping on Instagram.


If you already have a community, and your content is engaging, now being able to sell your products will be easier than ever, and you really will be able to say that you are using Instagram to leverage your business.
In case you still don’t have that engaged community and would like to grow a successful instagram account for your brand, take a look at the best strategies to grow your Instagram account organically, and the best tips for business on my blog post “How To Grow Your Instagram Fast“.

Using shopping tags on your stories makes instagram story a new storefront for your business, so go ahead and make the most of it!

Instagram Shopping Stories Shopping Tags
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What do you think about shopping Instagram stories? are you going to use it? Let me know your comments!!

Thanks for reading!

Angie xx

By Angie Perez B

Angie is the founder of AngiePerezB a blog about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She talks about the best strategies for business and bloggers and brings the latest trends in Social Media and how to make money online. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Author & Coach for small businesses, with more than 15 years in the Marketing and Client Acquisition Industry.


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