Telegram Groups and Bots

Telegram Bots & Groups

Telegram is all a new world! A place where massive communities come together in an out-of-any-corporation social atmosphere. 

No algorithms, no commercial interest, just the rules the masses of people create, mostly in a kind of non-written agreement.

Today, I am going to explain what are Telegram Groups and Telegram Bots.

In case you don’t know exactly how Telegram works (or is),  just take a quick look a this blog post, where I explain all you need to know about Telegram. CLICK HERE

Telegram Groups

There are thousands of pods on Telegram, and not only for engagement on social media.

There are famous Telegram Pods or Groups for things like commenting sports, games, or events, movies, TV shows, Trade stuff (like Forex, Bitcoin), for countries or regions, ethnicities and beliefs, funny stuff and jokes, betting, dating, politics… And mostly anything.

Some of these Telegram Groups are huge, and in fact there are lists on the internet about the best groups on  Telegram for different categories or topics. Some of those groups are indeed very popular in some countries, like the cricket Telegram group in India, or the Eurovision Song Contest in Spain.

Within these GROUPS I am talking about, there are some big groups specific for social engagement mainly on Instagram. Some of them are very popular like: 20K, 50K, 100K, and many others.

Normally to grant access to this massive groups you just need to get the link, since they are open for the public.

This is the link of the Smart Social Comments, where you can join:

Telegram groups normally have RULES and if any member of the group does not respect those rules, they can be warned and normally after 3 warnings in a certain period of time, they get banned from the group.

Obviously, it would be almost impossible (even for a tiny group) to check and verify that everyone is complying with the rules, that’s why Telegram groups use BOTS.

Join my Telegram Group for Engagement on Instagram:

Telegram Bots

BOTS are extremely powerful, they can become the administrators of the group, and they automatically welcome new members, warn and ban users.

But BOTS not only moderate groups, there are telegram Bots for many other things like,  music downloader, video downloader, news channel based on an specific keyword, rss feed of any website or blog, amazon best price searcher, weather channel, sticker creator, discounts and coupon codes searcher, reminders and alerts of your to-do list, cheapest flight finder, personal workouts routines, Bitcoin price tracking, etc.

Listen to my interview on “Entrepreneurs GSD” By Mike Kawula

I have been honoured to be interviewed by Mike Kawula on his Podcast Entrepreneurs GSD,  where he asks me how Telegram Pods can help to explode engagement on Instagram.

I hope you find this useful. If you have questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading!

Angie xx

By Angie Perez B

Angie is the founder of AngiePerezB a blog about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She talks about the best strategies for business and bloggers and brings the latest trends in Social Media and how to make money online. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Author & Coach for small businesses, with more than 15 years in the Marketing and Client Acquisition Industry.


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  3. How does one create a group and bots to monitor it? For Example, I’m trying to figure out how to create an engagement group for foodies and home cooks. How could I make a custom one of those?

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