The Easiest Tutorial To Start A WordPress Blog on Bluehost

The easiest tutorial on How to start a blog in 10 minutes

Create your own website from scratch in as little as 10 minutes, and start making money blogging, or whatever you want your website for. This is the easiest tutorial and bluehost wordpress review  you are gonna find!

Click here to start your blog on WordPress, and just follow the 4 easy steps below! 

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How to create a blog in 10 minutes

Step #1. Select your Plan 

Click HERE to start your blog from Bluehost, and then click on the “Get started” button to select your plan.

You can start with the Basic Plan (only 3.95 per month) that most likely covers all you will need.

In any case, any of the other 2 plans are also very affordable, for all the features they include.

bluehost wordpress pricing
The basic plan is a good option to start with.

Step #2: Pick a name for your blog: 

Type in the name you would like for your blog and check if its available. Once you’re done, click “next”.

Check if the name for your blog is available.

Step #3: Fill out the form and check out.

Bluehost Package Information How to to start a blog in minutes

Step #4:  Install WordPress.

Go to the CPanel and simply follow the easy steps Bluehost is going to prompt you. It’s very easy to follow but in case you need it, this is the Bluehost help to install wordpress.

bluehost install wordpress on Cpanel

You are done! Congratulations!

Now you can publish your first post, and add some elements to your new blog.


Bonus: First Steps In Your New Blog

Get familiar with WordPress

Now you are all set to start blogging. WordPress is the platform where all the action behind your blog happens.

WordPress it is very easy to use, but in case you need some specific help, this is the official WordPress manual: WordPress Codex.

Install a theme

The WordPress themes I recommend are: Astra (my favourite, the one I’m using on this site), Genesis (one of the most used and versatile WordPress themes.) and GeneratePress (one of the best themes to start with, lightweight and easy).

Install plugins.

Some the basic plugins you must have are:

Elementor: The best page builder right now. Also my favourite, and the one I use.

MashShare: More than just social share buttons for your site. MashShare has a lot of functions that make you grow traffic to your website or blog!

Newsletter tools

I recommend Convertkit if you need to send emails and newsletters to your readers.

More blogging-related posts you might want to look at after you have created your blog:

I hope that you enjoyed the easiest tutorial about how to start a blog or a website in 4 super easy steps!

Thanks for reading!

Angie xx

By Angie Perez B

Angie is the founder of AngiePerezB a blog about Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She talks about the best strategies for business and bloggers and brings the latest trends in Social Media and how to make money online. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Author & Coach for small businesses, with more than 15 years in the Marketing and Client Acquisition Industry.


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